Earl the McNab

Earl the McNab
Earl the Mcnab

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Big News from Molly and Ethan McNab!


We are overjoyed to announce that Ethan and Molly are expecting! Molly, a purebred McNab from Garcin's Stock Dogs, is due the first week of April, 2019. We call her "Nurse Molly" for her nurturing nature and can't wait to see her as a loving mama. She is gentle with our other animals and is fascinated with newborns, from the newborn donkey and foals to the calves and baby chicks. She has raised kittens and is now keeping watch over the latest arrival of new chicks. Molly is protective (not aggressive) and very caring.

Ethan, on his first birthday

Ethan, also from Garcin's, has a small percentage of Kelpie and Border Collie in his McNab lines. Ethan is the most athletic dog I've ever seen; balanced, startlingly fast, and particularly fond of jumping and leaping - over, onto, and across whatever obstacle is before him. He has great stamina, fast reflexes, and brains. He's also the orangutan of the bunch: He is into mischief at all times, usually to hilarious results. Ethan is both protective and vocal, but not aggressive. He has been good with toddlers and, like Molly, is attracted to newborn animals. Seeing him play with the baby donkeys is priceless. Ethan is our head "goat watcher" and will, on command, immediately locate our goat when she's turned out, let me know where she is, then will help me return her to her pen when it's time to lock her up. He's a treasure on the trail whether we're on foot or on horseback - the trail dog I always dreamed of having as a child.

Ethan and Molly

The two of them are ever-joyful. Affectionate, happy, and scary-smart, they're going to produce highly active, extremely intelligent, hardy and vigorous puppies. We selected Ethan specifically to cross with Molly; we're thrilled at the prospect of welcoming their babies and giving them a solid foundation. 

Bred to work livestock, these pups will require ranch homes or rural owners who require extremely active and athletic dogs for agility, trail dogs, or lengthy backpacking / hiking companionship. These are not suitable dogs for crating on a frequent or regular basis nor for confinement on small properties with only moderate interaction. Owners must commit to spending the time and energy to provide an intellectually stimulating, loving home and active lifestyle for them. 

We've already reserved puppies on our waiting list. Email me at marcyjmiller06@gmail.com for details.